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My main drive is to inspire people as an artist and as a gallerist and to maintain expanded recognition on a global level with the perspective of collaboration with galleries in New york, L.A. and Paris for my artists and me, also with the help of the newest technologies and blockchain.

Transparence and provenance are crucial for us so we are looking to provide trustful blockchain proven certificates for you as well as NFT.

I created my own mainly figurative postmodern style which consists of works on paper – etchings, lithographs from my Paris period, aquarelles, oil paintings and, recently, digital graphics, which are mounted onto the old furniture and consequently reworked; I have also worked in polyester and ceramic sculpture installations – Priestesses, Associated fragments of reality, Parallels and video. For me, a mixture of several ways and techniques of expression is very important to create kind of interwoven knitted reality between classical and modern, archaic and contemporary, involving music, poetry and dance performances.

expression is very important,

kind of interwoven knitted reality

between classical and modern

Norma de Saint Picman

We are actually presenting three women artists.

Alenka Kham Pičman,  my mother, architect, painter and graphic artist who as a student conceived a project with a famous architect Jože Plečnik -continuation of the centrally placed iconic Three Bridges, is well known for her sketchy like ink drawings and oils, brightly coloured, depicting Slovenian as well as European, especially Spanish or African towns and villages, landscape from my father’s family Gorenjska region, along the Kokra river, and even more colourful motifs from the Primorska – Karst region, where she had a studio in Sveto near Komen.

Margerita Stell, who is an extremely talented young artist, exposes her virtuose drawings, between outstanding hyperrealism and fantastical erotic art; Adrian Samuel Stell presents Transferences, research in optical intersection of geometrically ornamented rays in highly aesthetic black and white lace like graphics. The youngest, Aron Stojan Pičman created a series of cards with motifs from his preferred animated series.

In the Carinthia region, my sand blasted mirrors, drawings and poems with photo collages of my partner Dare Stojan’s family as well as Alenka Kham’s modern interpretation of Saint George’s church in Legen are incorporated in the interior design of Hotel Sun.

Works of each artist are also presented in smaller features like decorative handy objects for gifts – graphic prints or ceramic plates.  Every work is certified through the Verisart blockchain certification platform; several works are presented on Artsy platform https://www.artsy.net/noravision-gallery.

I’ve painted a portrait for eclectic Growth hacker Vin Clancy during his visit to  Ljubljana in October 2018.

Among other international guests who already appreciated visiting my Gallery were the internet blockchain marketer Tony de Gouveia and Steven Nia and Angelina Leo from Wardour studios broadcast, L.A.

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