Alenka KHAM PIČMAN architect, graphic artist, designer, painter

  Architect,  painter and graphic designer Alenka Kham Pičman has studied with iconic Slovene architect Jožef Plečnik. After finishing her studies continuing further architectural education and work in northern countries – Denmark, Sweden, Finland,  with meeting with architect Alvar Aalto. In the years 1957-1961 she painted in the projection section Uddevalla Varvet (Thorden-Lines Shipyard) in Uddevalla,  Sweden for interior furnishings of overseas steamers, in Copenhagen, in architectural bureaus architects Jørgen Bo (residential building, Morgens hus – House of the future and bridge in the park of the Museum of Modern Art Lousiana in Humblebæk, Denmark), in the studio of architect Professor Palle Suenson in the project business building for a company Burmeister & Wain in Copenhagen, in the studio of architect Jørgen Utzon in the work of the Motel near the Caspian lake and in the bureau of architects Eva and Nils Koppel at the plans for the Technical High School in Lyngby, Denmark, and the renovation of an old stone house for Eva and Nils Koppel .

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  The pictures and drawings on the panels are compactly placed in the whole, no spatial layout. In part, they are drawings of urban landscape and Plečnik’s Ljubljana, and partly for the views from the air of numerous author’s trips (Djerba, Ancona, Cadaques, Tunis …) as well as Karst motifs. The hopping and virtuoso line of architectural drawings is the basis of the art composition, which, as an independent element, complements and activates free independent surfaces of pure shining colors. The atmosphere is airy, shiny, positive, the colors of the second triad are dominated by turquoise, green, purple with emphasis on pure primary colors.